Institute of Urban Planning & Architecture

The Institute of Urban Planning and Architecture (SIUPA) has been established in the year 2012. The institute provides quality education in the field of Architecture, and Urban Planning. The aim of education is to nourish a human mind that comprehends relationships both in methodical & imaginative ways. Architecture and Urban Planning are two broad fields related to the design and development of human settlements. The haphazard way in which our cities are growing points towards an urgent need for urban planners in the country. The kind of buildings we see around seem to be part of a fad -of following the global trends without giving a thought about the needs of the place and people.

Architecture defines the cultural development of a society. The quality of spaces helps determine the quality of life. How one deal with these spaces comes to define the Architecture of a place? Architecture deals with the design and construction of buildings in their existing social, economic, cultural and environmental considerations. Hence, the inception of such an Institute became all the more imperative for the well-planned development of the country.

As a developing country, we have a great demand for sensitive architects and urban planners who can provide their services for the ever-growing towns and cities. Architects have job prospects in private as well as government sector and can set-up their own practice as well. The planners can work in various government organizations and with private developers as well. Use of materials & technology appropriate to the task & physical socio‐cultural environment should be the approach of an Architect, who can set-up his own practice and work with Urban Planners, Interior Designer to give better quality of spaces in Design Projects.