Courses Offered

Courses Offered

Foundation Course

This is of one year duration and is common to all the students irrespective of their chosen area of specialization. This course provides basic instructions to lay the foundation for the learning of specialization courses. This course introduces students to the concept of space in 2D & 3D, painting, drawing, graphics, clay modeling, geometry & perspective drawing through classroom instructions, hands on work in studio & laboratory.

Applied Art

In this specialization, the aim is to provide facilities for the professional and specialized training in Visual Communication. This is an Arts degree that is truly relevant to modern technology. The specialization subjects include Lettering‐Typography, Illustration, Photography, Computer Graphics and Exhibition Display Design. This programme will equip students to confidently enter in many areas of professional practice within the applied arts. Institute of Fine Arts believes in changing and adopting with time, thus providing relevant and contemporary education. The institute provides the students with a platform to exhibit their design and creative skills during various events organised by the institute


In this specialization the students will learn subjects like life drawing, anatomy drawing, head study, still life painting, pictorial composition, drawing from antique, cast and figure. They will specialize in mediums like charcoal, pastel, water colour, oil colour, acrylic colour and poster colour. It is intended that the students are exposed to all schools, traditions, techniques and media of painting practiced from the ancient to the modern times. The extended study will be portraiture, creative composition and life study. Along with the above studies Aesthetics & History of Art, Indian & Western Art will be taught, through which the students will gain knowledge and the significance of making an Art work. The course would seek to cultivate an individual’s personality and professional responsibility.


In this specialization, the aim is to provide knowledge about the artist’s tools, materials and finding their possibilities & limitation through a series of free and elaborate exercises, understanding of the basic forms, the fundamentals of drawing & design, training in observation & expression. This covers both theoretical and practical aspects of training. Practical subjects include working with materials of different types. A student is made aware of the basic shapes and forms, together with his understanding of space, in which these are relatively placed.

Animation and Multimedia

Animation and Multimedia programme begins with a foundation course in drawing, colour, character design and computer applications. Under the guidance of an industry‐experienced faculty, students will examine advance 2D and 3D animation principles as well as story development, background design, scenic layout and special effects. Students will work with program specific softwares such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects and Discreet 3D Studio Max.